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Med Ease is a transcription service offering you excellence in all areas of transcription.

About the Owner:
After 15 years in medical practice management, Carmel Muelhausen started the business in 1992 with the goal of providing the best solutions for out-sourced medical transcription. The experience she gained from managing medical practices provided the knowledge of what was truly needed in a transcription company to make the lives of the practicing physicians and medical staff easier.

The objective of providing an easier means of transcription to medical practices created the Med Ease name, and further, their reputation for providing quality transcriptions with solid turnaround times in a highly efficient manner. We offer you testimonials from several of our clients that describe their Med Ease experience on our Testimonials page.

We continue to expand and move forward with the same basic ideal and now offer you an expanded suite of dictation and audio transcription options for all types of transcription outside of the medical industry. For a complete listing of the various services and solutions we offer, please see our Services and Solutions pages.


We offer:


You can dictate at your convenience.  We are flexible and our services allow for portability.  We can transcribe materials from telephone dictation, handheld digital recorders (which upload your dictations to a secure Internet site), and even the old traditional handheld cassette recorders.

Fast turnaround:

Med Ease knows that time is money and we are dedicated to turning around your projects quickly and with the utmost attention to accuracy.  You will have easy access to your completed transcripts in a way that keeps your workflow humming along as usual, thereby allowing you to keep up your usual pace without having to wait for your completed transcripts.  We use the latest technology to enhance efficiency so we can get the job done right, on time.

You can receive your completed transcriptions via:

-        Posted to a secure, password protected FTP site

-        E-mail

-        Encrypted E-mail (for sensitive information)

-        Via secure web access to your customized transcription queue

Security is a priority.  All of our web-based solutions to your transcription needs are secure, HIPAA-compliant ways of accessioning your completed projects.  These solutions can be fully integrated with multiple health information systems.

At Med Ease, we are more than just a medical transcription service as you can see from our client list.  We have grown from our beginnings as a medical transcription company to now include a large array of other services including legal transcription, teleconference transcription, CME Conferences, interview transcription, Ph.D. dissertations, University research projects, focus group transcription, scientific transcription, Federal Government affiliated departments, editing services and court reporter certification, and it doesn't end there.  If you have audio - we can transcribe it!

Please contact us today TOLL FREE at 855-397-1919 or EMAIL the owner at: medease@aol.com to discuss your particular needs.  We look forward to your call!


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