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"It is always a great pleasure to work with Carmel Muelhausen and her staff at MedEase. I am impressed every time by the quality of the work, by how efficiently it is completed, and by the care taken to make sure that transcripts are without error. Carmel is keenly attentive to the specific requirements of various projects I have brought to her over the years and unfailingly gracious and helpful in working with me to solve particular problems that arise. I recently gave her a recording in which the background noise made the conversation I needed transcribed nearly inaudible. Miraculously—and I mean this literally—Carmel and her staff were able to retrieve it word for word. I recommend the service to my colleagues in the humanities and social sciences enthusiastically." --Robert Orsi, Professor of Religious Studies and History, Grace Craddock Nagle Chair in Catholic Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL


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"Med Ease Transcription, Inc! The transcripts are always delivered on time, if not earlier. Their work is top notch and very thorough. They are very flexible and adapt to the various needs and styles of our clients. And, they are a pleasure to interact with -- often sending us articles or relaying stories of how the topic we work on are being reflected in the news. They are more than a resource to us, they are our friends.” --Krissy Goelz, Account Manager, SciMedMedia New York, NY

“I cannot recommend Med Ease highly enough. After using several other transcription services and constantly being frustrated by bad service and quality of transcripts, I was fortunate enough to find this service. Since starting with Med Ease, I have had meticulous transcripts because of their attention to detail in all their work. They have consistently delivered on-time and very often before the time requested. When requesting something out of the ordinary they have accommodated us every time and also suggested alternatives that often times were far better than what we thought we needed. Dealing with this company and their personnel is a great pleasure. I would not think of going elsewhere.”--Sheila Radwanski, President, ReaCon Strategic Planning, LaGrange, Illinois

“We have worked with Med Ease for several years and have put before them many recordings that were challenging to say the least. Each time they were able to produce the highest quality work. There policy of having a second person proofer for all their work makes their transcripts standout far above the crowd. Over and above their high quality work is the wonderful interaction that they have with their clients. We are always happy to call them because we are met with the most positive attitudes and friendly demeanor no matter when we call. We have referred many clients to them and have served as references for them. We do this selfishly because whenever we have referred someone to Med Ease we get a call back telling us how great Med Ease was to work with and thanking us for telling them about this great service.”--Claire Rose. The Blackstone Group, Chicago, IL


"Med Ease is superior to any service I have ever used. Timeliness and quality is impeccable. Contacting them is always easy- a unique feature for this day and age. The option of editing is a huge plus. I am truly a fan!”--Terry L. Nicola, M.D., Dir. Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago


"Carmel Muelhausen and her MedEase Transcription staff have become indispensable to me as managing editor of a medical publication. MedEase has produced flawless transcripts, even when working with recordings featuring multiple speakers and a considerable amount of clinical terminology. (Even Retina Times’ editor-in-chief, J. Michael Jumper, MD, has remarked that Carmel does a wonderful job with tough subjects.) And the transcripts are completed astoundinglyquickly. It’s a pleasure to work with Carmel, and it gives me great peace of mind to know I can rely on her and the MedEase team. Hats off to you!" --Susan Raef,  Managing Editor, Retina Times, American Society of Retina Specialists, Chicago, IL


“Med Ease has handled complex, technical, and scientific material with ‘medease’ and professionalism. Capturing this ‘medspeak’ requires a talented and sophisticated group of people. I highly recommend them to all medical professionals.” --Robert Kennedy, Editor and Program Director WebMD Psychiatry and Mental Health, New York, NY

“The service we have received from Med Ease is superb! We have found the spontaneous editing of our letters a great relief and enormous aid in clear communications. I cannot endorse them highly enough!” --Scott A. Kale, M.D., J.D., Arthritis & Internal Medicine Specialists, Chicago

"Kudos to you and your team! You all have done wonders with really flawed tapes! The transcripts are great. And you've gotten what they said (no small feat given the tech problems and mumbling teens) and have gotten it right. Quite unbelievable really. Thanks so much." -Vivian E. Vahlberg, Managing Director, Media Management Center, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208-211


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